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Growing up, I didn't know that I was gay. I definitely had a unique interest in Batman, but the attraction was repressed because I was obsessed with being straight.

Once I acknowledged my same-sex attraction and came out of the closet, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders where I felt I could finally breath. In hindsight, I understand why I was concealing my difference to my small town Colorado peers, but I wish I had more bravery to talk about it with others.

For the longest time, I thought life had dealt an unfortunate hand centered around my sexual orientation. But I’ve taken that frustration, heartache, and fire within to create a space for other LGBTQ+ members to read and write about their experiences. Whether it's through tears or laughter, it is my intention to educate others on LGBTQ+ issues and provide solace for anyone struggling.

Provide a new perspective. Educate with your experiences. Support with your truth.

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Behind Her Eyes: A Social Commentary on Sexuality and Gender Identity

**Warning: Spoiler Alert** On February 17th, 2021, Netflix provided the Coronavirus pandemic’s one year anniversary with a release of a new limited series Behind Her Eyes. Like a breath of fresh air, the Behind Her Eyes title became the #6 position on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. Today list. Shortly after, it became #1. Based off the New York Times’ best seller by Sarah Pinborough, Behind Her Eyes perfectly encompasses multifaceted components. From romance to thriller, decept

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