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Growing up, I didn't know that I was gay. I definitely had a unique interest in Batman, but the attraction was repressed because I was obsessed with being straight.

Once I acknowledged my same-sex attraction and came out of the closet, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders where I felt I could finally breath. In hindsight, I understand why I was concealing my difference to my small town Colorado peers, but I wish I had more bravery to talk about it with others.

For the longest time, I thought life had dealt an unfortunate hand centered around my sexual orientation. But I’ve taken that frustration, heartache, and fire within to create a space for other LGBTQ+ members to read and write about their experiences. Whether it's through tears or laughter, it is my intention to educate others on LGBTQ+ issues and provide solace for anyone struggling.

Provide a new perspective. Educate with your experiences. Support with your truth.


The Closet

Coming out of the closet is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “to tell your family, friends, or the public that you are gay, after...

Dirty Talk

The sound of keystrokes from my iPhone were at a tempo not even Twista or Tech N9ne could make a rap from. As I was typing to my...